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ISU president wants to get rid of round

The president of the International Skating Union, Ottavio Cinquanta, argues in an internal letter to radical changes to the skating calendar. It reports the Volkskrant that the letter has been seen.
ISU president would include round the World Championships, the World Cup and European Championship sprint elimination round. Would also be at the Olympic Winter Games in 2018, the 1,000 meters, 5,000 meters for women and 10,000 meters for men to disappear. According Cinquanta the adjustments necessary for financial reasons and to maintain. Interest from sponsors and audience
The ideas of the 76-year-old Italian appear to be partly inspired by the Dutch success in skating in Sochi. In his letter to the internal top executives of the ISU, he states that the Dutch should be congratulated for their Olympic success, but that dominance is both "a sign of great concern".

Another view
Strikingly Cinquanta a month ago in an interview in Sochi even said the five and ten kilometers should stay. "I think these distances have been sufficient proof.'s Ten kilometers to remain as it is," said the ISU president then.
Cinquanta writes that it "seems obvious" that the 10,000 meters for men and 5,000 meters for women not attractive distances for skaters and TV viewers. The two distances would, along with the 1,000 meters, to make way for two new parts instead of the upcoming Games: the mass start for men and women and the mixed relay for national teams.
The scrapping of the Olympic distances according Cinquanta makes the way for the ISU World Cup also free to purchase. Round off The World distances would be the most important tournament of the year should be. The EK-round should make for a European distances. Place

Personal opinions
ISU President in his letter also a radical proposal in store: he would long track and short track to merge to one discipline, in which all races would be held on a 250 meter track. He acknowledges that it will not be possible now to acquire. Sufficient support for that proposal simply
Cinquanta, which is expected in 2016, leaving as ISU president, described the proposals as his "personal opinions". About changes in the skating calendar decide the approximately seventy affiliated national federations on a biennial conference. Being held this summer in Dublin

돈 없으니까 월드컵 유러피안 챔피언십 스프린트 없애고 평창부터 천미, 남만, 여오천 없고 매스스타트 넣고 계주 넣고 스스랑 쇼트 합쳐서 250미터 트랙에서 하는 게 어때!

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